Branding PLR

One of the most difficult things to do with PLR is to brand it, meaning that you adapt the content and add to that content so that it becomes a valuable tool to use with your existing brand.

Branding can be as simple as changing the viewpoint. 

For example if you have PLR for weightless and the content is not that good, then you can use the bad content to enforce better content and then you draw a comparison from bad to good.


White Label

There is a new kid in town and he is not very friendly.

His name is White Label Products.

You might wonder, what in the world is going on when these so called “Smart” marketers try to pull the wool over the eyes of buyers.

The truth about white label products is that they are not good products to buy.

Do you have tons of PLR but never get around to using them?

Today I received two emails and probably will receive a lot more promoting a product that is a real stinker.

The product is made with a compiler probably a C sharp or C type compiler and they are selling the source code, but is it a good deal?

No, it is not a good deal because the market has been saturated and those who are unlucky enough to actually purchase this product will find out quickly that it is a dude, they will get all excited by the sales copy and all the claims of how much money was made with the product only to later learn that most people that have already purchased the product and that trying to sell a “Branded version” of the same software will be almost impossible.

But that will not keep them from trying to sell you a pig in a poke for around $197.00

Who would be that stupid, probably a lot of people, but hopefully you are reading this and taking some understanding about how not to get ripped off.


This type of marketing creates a big stinking smell in the marketing world.

Hopefully educated buyers will avoid this kind of short sale madness.

when you attempt to rob the public in this way Karma tends to come back and bite you where the sun dont shine.




Back in the old days of internet marketing many sellers would offer junk products now we call them info products and to be fair some of them are worth their weight in gold.

PLR rights, is something that is certainly a debatable subject.

There are tons of opinions out there that range from reasonable rights to some that seem to want to micromanage every aspect of their customers use of the PLR products they sell.

Who is right and who is wrong may be something that is yet to be tested.

One thing seems clear…

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Considering how the world works, what really is the best way to sell products online?

It can be a bit of a conundrum, Without Traffic, you cannot sell products.

Without Products, (that are in demand) you cannot take advantage of the traffic.

Consider this, what would you rather be doing, working for someone for minimum wage or running your own business providing in demand products and services for a living wage?

Sure not a hard decision right, but you might be surprised at how many people, are so far away from being able to do the right thing, maybe they spend a lot of money on info products, Ok, some are ok and yes you do need knowledge and skill to be able to create a product.

But what happens if you only promote other peoples products, (you might make a few sales), but figure out all the hours you spend promoting someone else’s product and you may find that your only making a few cents per hour.

It is a difficult thing and most people are in this boat, perhaps a sinking boat, You see the problem we all face is that products online are 97 percent garbage, So what you find yourself doing is promoting a product that is garbage.

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If you are like most people in the marketing business you already have tons of PLR material on your hard drive.

Its just sitting there doing nothing and the number one reason why is that most PLR products sold over the last five years

Is not high quality, even the sellers that claim to have high quality you often find out its not.

So, you buy some PLR thinking that you can make some money but most of the time it just does not work out.

You don’t make the money they say you will make and you know why that is?

Simple, everyone has already purchased it long before you bought it.

Which means that you are not going to make much money.

A PLR product should do what it is designed to do.

Its really simple, if you are selling PLR products to other PLR buyers and you have already sold thousands of copies of the product you have to know that you are ripping your paying customers off by pretending to offer a product that is not already out there.

The only way to do PLR right, is to limit the number of copies sold.

That is really the only way to create a product that will reward the buyer.

Thing about it this way, If all the PLR products were good ones, why are they just sitting on your hard drive. . .


They used to say that content was king and yes that is true but now just because content is easy to come by does not mean that it is good content.

There is a lot of PLR content out there that is messed up.

It may look good at first then the longer you read the content the more mistakes you start to find.

This is designed to fool the casual reader into thinking that they have good content to publish when the opposite is actually true.

The hype is a problem they want to fill your head with all the money you can make when the reality is most PLR content is so hashed up that it is not worth publishing.

Warning this is not quality PLR in fact this is an example of what NOT to buy.

I received an email today promoting what was said to be a PLR product but is it really?

Here is the headline and followup.

Private label right products are becoming more
and more common in internet marketing,

products with a private label right gives
someone the ability to repackage someone
Else’s products as your own and keep 100
percent of the profits.

How about wordpress theme with Private
Label Rights?

It’s even more powerful!
It’s CORPY- WordPress Theme.

First lets discuss the truth here, as described above, is NOT PLR.

If you were thinking that is what PLR is then you are incorrect.

What is described above is called Master Resale Rights.

When you think about it that makes sense right because why would you want to purchase a product that is sold as PLR when its really just a branded version of a much cheaper product.

No wonder so many new marketers are so confused about PLR because they are being deceived by clever marketing or is that true?

You see deception in my book and really everyone’s book should be something that everyone understands as a bad thing.

Criminals deceive, they cajole, they lie, they steal and they cheat.

Here is the real deal, PLR is and has always been a private label Right.

Yes, they can bend fold mutilate the truth but that does not mean that you have no rights.

If you are sick and tired of all the BS that keeps floating around these forums where they attempt to deceive you into buying a product that is worthless, then be sure to question everything.

Refuse to buy this kind of trash because it makes a difference and when people stop buying this nonsense then you will notice a huge difference in quality.